Baker Reacts To receipt Obligation

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Freiberg/LEI- A baker in Bavaria has reacted to the controversial obligation to pay with a sweet carnival idea: doughnuts with a baked receipt made of sugar.

“We didn’t think the idea would be so well received,” said Nicole Helbig, saleswoman at the Ways bakery in Moosinning, Upper Bavaria. A good 200 of the doughnuts – which in other regions are called doughnuts, doughnuts or pancakes

The baker in Moosinning used a food printer to make the baked-in receipt from so-called fondant like a real sales receipt. The customers are all very enthusiastic, but the campaign will end again after carnival, Helbig said. Because: “We still have to hand out the paper receipt”, she said. After all, it is a regulation.



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