How Embarassing The Refugees Escaped From the Deportation Prison so Easily

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Dresden/LEI- Two Tunisians and one Moroccan (19, 24, 29) escaped from Saxony’s most modern deportation prison on Hamburger Straße in Dresden at noon on Saturday. They simply climbed over the fence!

According to the police, the three North Africans used the yard corridor during their lunch break, simply ran away from their guards and swung themselves over the approximately 3-meter high fence, which doesn’t even have barbed wire.

Currently, about 40 people are in Dresden’s deportation custody and in the deportation prison – even without being criminals.

Recently, there have been repeated problems in finding sufficient qualified personnel to guard the prison. The Ministry of Justice, for example, only assigned 17 judicial officers. Therefore, the responsible regional directorate employs so-called “quickly trained support staff” for guarding, who are trained in a three-month crash course.



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