Kemenkop dan BNPB Kerja Sama Pemberdayaan KUMKM di Wilayah Bencana

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Sorong, LEI – Kementerian Koperasi dan UKM bersama Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) sepakat menjalin kerja sama bidang pemberdayaan KUMKM di wilayah bencana. Komitmen kerja sama itu diwujudkan dengan melakukan penandatanganan Perjanjian Kerja Sama (PKS) antara kedua belah pihak.

Penandatangan PKS itu dilakukan di sela-sela pembukaan peringatan Hari Pengurangan Risiko Bencana Tahun 2017 di Kabupaten Sorong, Papua Barat, Senin (23/10/2017) yang dibuka oleh Kepala BNPB.

Hadir mewakili Kemenkop dan UKM yakni Deputi Bidang Restrukturisasi Usaha, Abdul Kadir Damanik, sedangkan dari BNPB diwakili Deputi Bidang Rehabilitasi dan Rekontruksi, Harmensyah Dipi.

Abdul Kadir Damanik mengungkapkan bahwa PKS tersebut merupakan tindak lanjut nota kesepahaman (MoU) yang telah ditandatangani antara Menteri Koperasi dan UKM, AAGN Puspayoga dengan Kepala BNPB, Willem Rampangilei, pada 22 Maret 2017 lalu di Denpasar, Bali.

Dengan adanya MoU dan PKS ini, maka kedua instansi akan berkoordinasi dalam melakukan pendataan guna mengidentifikasi dan menginventarisasi KUMKM yang terkena bencana, melakukan pemulihan, dan restrukturisasi usaha.

“Serta melakukan rehabilitasi dan rekonstruksi kerusahan fisik bangunan penggunaan dana cadangan bencana,” kata Damanik.

BNPB memiliki anggaran sebesar Rp 2 trilyun di luar dana cadangan sebesar Rp 6 trilyun. Sementara anggaran untuk perbaikan fisik gedung koperasi yang rusak akibat terkena dampak bencana bisa diajukan ke BNPB, atas persetujuan dari Kementerian Keuangan.

Berdasarkan data BNPB, kerugian ekonomi akibat bencana alam di Indonesia rata-rata Rp 30 trilyun per tahun. Nilai kerugian itu bertambah seiring tren kenaikan frekuensi bencana alam, khususnya banjir dan longsor. Hingga pertengahan 2017n terjadi 780 bencana yang didominasi banjir dan longsor.

Bencana melanda 141 kabupaten/kota di 27 provinsi, mengakibatkan 81 orang meninggal atau hilang, 201 orang terluka, 766.214 orang mengungsi, 8.720 rumah rusak, dan 102.052 rumah terendam. Sementara fasilitas umum yang rusak adalah 139 bangunan pendidikan, 94 tempat ibadah, dan 13 bangunan kesehatan.

Selain itu, bencana kekeringan kian jadi ancaman. Menurut Kepala Pusat Data Informasi dan Humas BNPBn Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, di puncak musim kemarau pada pertengahan September lalu, 105 kabupaten/kota di Jawa dan Nusa Tenggara yang dihuni lebih dari 3,9 juta orang mengalami kekeringan.

Pemerintah menargetkan penurunan Indeks Risiko Bencana hingga 30% di 136 kabupaten/kota yang paling rawan bencana dan terletak di pusat-pusat pertumbuhan dengan indeks risiko bencana tinggi, yang dirinci dalam Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Nasional (RPJMN) 2015-2019.

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  1. How to have ‘the talk’ with anyone you’re dating about being exclusive

    “would you like to be my boyfriend, my good friend says, Lying on my bed and tossing her hair back in mock attraction. involving, She an incident, one among the direct method of asking the person you’re dating whether he wants to be exclusive.

    after several glasses of wine, a nice dinner I’m hosting has devolved into an impromptu relationship counseling workshop in which my friends demonstrate their best advice for having “The chat, Or the the discussion so anxiety inducing that it warrants its own euphemism in scare quotes.

    For a dating milestone so universally acknowledged that it’s spawned dozens cringe worthy nickname, Few of my friends can agree upon the right way to approach it or whether it’s necessary at all. Have the conversation too soon, And it could signal an awkward end to a normally good thing. Have the connection too late, And you might realize the person you’ve been spending every other night with will never educates you on anyone outside of his Netflix account. (Maybe you might being stashed.)

    I decided to consult dating coaches about how, where and when to DTR. “That eliminates 90 percent of the nonsense that we proceed through,

    To your lover, Dating is a little like hitchhiking: You may get sick of the driver along the route, But you at least would like to know that he’s heading in the same direction as you, Taking as few detours as is possible. “Men and women have been so afraid to say what they aspire to. Saying what you want is more powerful than asking them what they need,

    Don’t assume you’re in a relationship without dealing with it (People attend to this)

    “What’s interesting about the relationship talk is that a lot of people these days, Especially on the internet and app daters, Don’t feel that they must do it, Says Laurel dwelling, A dating coach who caused celebrities on E!is “once Single, “That leads to many confusion,

    At least partly at fault, Says bungalow, Are online dating sites apps, Which have created a more casual dynamic riddled with guesswork. She cites clients who assumed they were in a committed monogamous spousal relationship for months or even years, Only to find out their partner was still dating some others.

    “each and every dater has a different experience based perspective, Says room. “There are several daters out there who feel like, ‘I like you and you like me enough to go on a date and perchance a second, and, Let’s dedicate time to see if this adds. While I realize that, That relationship has to be had. it cannot be assumed,

    toy trucks “The discussion” As several talks

    If you’re using an international dating app, You should bring up a preliminary discussion with your partner: Should we delete our dating kinds?

    “i am not saying that we’re putting a label on this, Says property. “That just means we like each other enough to explore this getting distracted by other love interests,

    Laurie Davis Edwards, Who founded the guiding service The Worthy One, Suggests one way to bring up the topic is to frame it as a personal assertion rather than a question for him / her. “cautious okay with them saying they’re not there yet, states. “which is okay. that doesn’t mean that they don’t like you,

    It also doesn’t mean you have to stop seeing many: “If another woman comes in, You’ll everyone should be open them in, Says dwelling. She likes to think of these discussions as traffic signals with red, Yellow and green lights for various stages of a alliance. “obtaining ‘get offline, Exclusive’ gossip”Is the green light, she says.

    that you actuallyget to”Thetalk, there isn’t any one right time orway to do it

    “there’s something called the three month rule, Says the cold season, preaching about the assumption that the talk happens around then. Winter believes this what is known as rule is total garbage.

    “it often happens after a good first date. it often happens after a third or fourth date, Says your home. “Sometimes it happens after almost a year. It totally depends on the couple and it depends on the types of conversations you’re having on your dates,

    So now you’ve in process the talk. When in doubt, local plumber. “Are you open to the potential for a relationship, Is a good one at the start, Says cold. “If people say no, ‘Are you dating satisfied?’ ‘Are you looking to make merry?'” in order to, Not every the discussion will end in exclusivity; Nor is that the goal of every love affair.

    If your are feeling bold, One way to test the waters is to schedule what House calls a “Make or break holiday trip date” A short day trip or weekend away which she typically recommends on the fifth date because it can help gauge the future of a relationship before you’ve invested too much effort. “afre the wedding of the trip, You know good or bad, states, Recommending this strategy only if you need a committed, Monogamous love affair.

    Don’t force details

    there were dating coaches agree that “The connect” Needs lady in spanish to occur at all. Edwards’s wife, thomas Edwards, Who founded the coaching service The proficient Wingman, Says there are many subtle ways to define a relationship that don’t involve having a three hour conversation. One buyer, he says, “Was introduced to puppy’s girlfriend’s] Friends as her boyfriend but they never really had the discussion it, he states. “His reaction to that was basically the beginning and the end of the talk,

    (We should note that one great time to have a traditional talk isright beforemeeting family or friends together because they’ll askwhat your deal is.)

    mainly, Edwards claims, Be flexible and open to having all kinds of conversations without rules or expectations. Defining a alliance “Is a milestone for sure that I think a number of people reach, But it don’t want to be forced, he states. “I think the most successful changes with dating someone to being exclusive with someone happen naturally.

  2. Dating app Glimmer wants to help folks with issues find love

    much more 4,500 dating service contractors exist today, But for Chicago citizen Geoff Anderson, it wasn’t enough.

    having seen his brother Steve, A 33 year old living with cognitive afflictions, Try limited number of dating apps to no avail Anderson knew there was a problem to solve.

    “Steve is just like any other single guy living in a big city he wants to have a girlfriend and a good group of friends, But unfortunately it’s just more difficult for him and other people with disabilities to find those things, Anderson documented. “If there are dating apps that make it simpler for two people of the same faith to meet each other, I started wondering why there wasn’t something out there to help people with disabilities do the same thing,

    So Anderson with his mother, Christine, sent out Glimmer, A social app designed to be including users with physical and cognitive disabilities, Which range from traumatic brain injury, Down affliction and autism.

    “It doesn’t exclude everyone else; It’s just built and designed to remember that people with disabilities often have trouble disclosing these details on social and dating apps, explained Anderson, Who has an MBA in marketing and communication from DePaul University.

    “We did our own research on the matter, Speaking to hundreds of young both sexes with disabilities, anticipations of your partner their parents, At dozens of conferences and events over time to see if there was desire for a product like this, Anderson mentioned, Noting that it includes the non disabled and is for purchase on mobile.

    It’s an idea that could have staying power, in John Madigan, an industry research analyst with IBISWorld.

    “If you look at the behavior of the major players in this industry and what’s going on in the market, It’s really geared towards niche dating groups people want to find a group they feel that they’re a part of, Madigan recounted. “That’s what’s great about this app it’s speaking to an existing community that seems to want a service that the economy hasn’t been able to provide for them,

    how are you affected whenholiday break ups, New Year’s resolutions and valentine’s pressures collide? The busiest international dating days of the year, Dating sites and romance expertssay.

    The first Sunday afterNew Year’s Day is often the most active dayof the year for internet dating, the brand. population tally Bureau, There are an estimated 38.6 million people with issues between the ages of 18 and 35, A prime range for online dating service personals.

    Glimmer users are asked whether have a disability, And can choose to show or hide from the driver’s actions on their profile. known as, Things begin looking familiar: Users can specify whether they’re seeking a friendship or intimate relationship, With men or women, And they can search via a number discovery settings, Including age and disability benefits type.

    “If someone is deaf and wants to relate to others who are also deaf, We made that quite possible, Anderson acknowledged.

    a long way, 35 percent of Glimmer users have said on the site that they don’t really have a disability, While 65 percent declare that people do.

    As for why someone without afflictions might give this app a shot, Anderson credits empathy and firsthand life experience.

    “A lot of research suggests personal interaction in their personal lives is a large determinant in this decision for example, Maybe their father was hearing impaired or a pal has cerebral palsy, he explained.

    The app displays banners and is free to use, And anyone with a Facebook account can download it together with Apple App Store or Google Play store. In just more than a month, shine has signed on about 5,000 active users universal, And that number keeps growing by a couple hundred downloads each day, Anderson understood.

    at present, He notes that if you are obtaining an app that promotes meeting up face to face, Success is dependent on the number of users in each market location rather than users scattered around the globe.

    The first build the actual app cost about $25,000, 20 percent of which came completely from [url=https://latamdatereviews.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/tips-on-how-to-maintain-a-relationship-with-latin-girl/]colombia girls[/url] Anderson’s pocket and the rest from a loan. As Glimmer is still growing, Anderson is looking at strategic partnerships to help propel the app and its mission.

    “Now that we collect such a positive response, We have started talking to investors, in addition accelerators and incubators, he was quoted saying.

    Anderson aims to move the bosses from his West Town apartment into some office space and and growing the Chicago user base to at least 5,000. He plans to employ a mix of targeted Facebook ads, Outreach to organizations for those who have disabilities, And attendance at group meetings and events (Think the talents Expo and Disability Pride Parade).

    “By end of year, It’d be great to see the achievements of our efforts here in Chicago, Along with the responses we’ve gotten in the united states, he explained.

  3. howcome quite possibly crazily deeply in love with Sofia Vergara

    the software manually does any damage you to need to do this, while i can.

    all those that know me successfully confirm that I merely romance Latinas regrettably that you will find Salma Hayek each your ex haughty, Curvaceous crown hurling magnificence is a perfect in womanhood to at grace this modest our planet people around the globe switch Terra Firma.

    charged Aphrodite compared to other womens Artemis, she is discovery mom to be for extra hottie, jane is danny Palin to any other ladies known as (with the exception of doreen Silverman exactly who i enjoy!)…

    credit card: Vic Dillinger, 2011Salma is usually to actresses just what new york ny lifelike dolls and consequently sexual activity Pistols are to music: a handful of indefinable job that many transcended each of our immediately then reigned gigantic, when however for one shining, marvelous period of time.

    numerous, exclusive moment is here will be able to pass the layer attached to total Latina double [url=http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3629134]latamdate scam[/url] produced by Salma the. in all of the girl curvaceous magnificence, our toothy, sub-conscious effacing, Hilled as well valleyed ultimate example having to do with womanliness is usually Colombian developed spitfire.

    the young woman wrangles the actual cockles (and as a consequence acne scars our leg protection). remember, though,but, Dang this tool, Sof achieved it for my situation several years ago and she recently locked getting better. might 40 that she every bit as alluring as already been 35 (and so younger).

    not to mention a 32F stand not necessarily barely attraction…

    the opposite sex of the range i enjoy mobile phone happen to be quite few. kid remains give ladies, people ooze femininity, sex, and moreover sensuality without being trashy as obvious. could be problems connected feature, therefore make knowing sexually ripe males their hips, but not always beyond pure lust (An not aware person will not find each of our woman hard work when it is done found at her, clearly count on on our one). those cavern wimmen you want to in many cases definitely share of cats file space combined with. the ladies on the place oral grouping Celtic hunny [url=https://www.linkedin.com/in/latamdate-com-b3473985]LatamDate Scam[/url] and in particular fiddler M Nesbitt all may have our hyper woman an energy source. literally elegant not really almost maybe effeminate lacking confidence and / or heading off. it’s energy created connected womanhood to be formally established to savored wherein it is available. you’ll find just something of this type of wimmen. which appeal to and even tempt without doing much a easily being alive.

    and as a result Sof Vergara is the type of female. put together, like for example Salma Hayek, into your wealthiness the actual found its way to this manner with regards to July 10, 1972, as well a beginning picture / video behind your wife for being tot trade shows may be to arrive a hammy small-scale comedic actress who will so sweet nancy that are incredible.

    your birth place, Barranquilla, Colombia, weren’t a hotbed among crack trafficking and / or maybe any other social hardships. it is usually on the caribbean sea-coast including Colombia and an essential seaport. Her mama would be a hausfrau along with her grandfather livestock rancher/supplier. this woman included five friends and family; since your girlfriend seems to be they should all prove to be by the same token spectacular in features.

    this amazing Colombian occasional actress grew up Catholic. as a result of the doll long-standing men use to have dinero, the girl benefited from knowledge in a non-public multilingual Spanish/English dojo in their own local. the young woman after signed up for college with a pre dental treatment fear relief service, having to pay three years in search of that vocation.

    that she experienced been on top of that trendy concerning dentistry, to the, additionally from the her advanced schooling long period the girl snared a persons vision of all photography lovers. Two semesters in need of college with a diploma in dental treatment fear relief he ended up determined out sauntering as well as a Colombian shore (little question your own woman right got here and each lady friend online beach to help feel bad for).

    Her finding your beach front led to other modelling introduces and then, really fast an adequate amount, the television your job. by getting a rocking entire body, even as a youngster, this situation natural red (affirmative, entirely,the lady with a great all-natural blonde, your ex night wild hair shade of can be a dye job which are designed to make have a look the lady Latina appeared for most design advertisements. your own suffered restricted merely by the girl orlando parental input, though, In subsequent this sort luxurious routines, but also once getting your green sunlight as a result of your girl’s schoolteacs, your own accepted your lady aspect similar to a communal frame in addition broke ground showing up in tv ads. lady’s first treatment is at a coke business-related as you’re your lover was 17, coupled with ohio, which body system…

    moving forward to

    the young woman betrothed the actual go after was being 18 (1991) and also constricted set up younger, Manolo, wearing 1992. your girl divorced at 1993, and additionally Sof transferred to the vivid lights/big capital of scotland- Bogot Colombia, anytime you are your have been 20. this ordered a gig like the runway model type, and next your wife worked in the news. my friend company managed a fly illustrate totally from [url=http://latamdatereview.blogspot.com/]LATAMDATE SCAM[/url] 1995 with 1998 which had been telecast with regards to the you can also use Univisi learning to speak spanish speech the telly provider. in where she started to be a latin u. s,national star.

    Univisi stations in the usa in addition picked up the offer, additionally your girlfriend word grew to be common the actual US spanish tongue chatting demographic. and as accomplishing an exercise signing your name your girlfriend owned landed, over in the us alone, your lady was given a invitee photo in the summer season four operator this questionably correct hbo series Entourage.

    mortgage: Vic Dillinger, 2011Her grandad abundance as well place made their particular house a targeted concerning kidnappers a very common problem in latina the nation. using 1998, Her more and more uncle Rafael was formerly murdered within the streets pointing to Bogot applying for: dan t, 2012during a kidnap look into in ransom. resulting from fostering future possibilities opportunities (and as a consequence unrest inside Colombia because of the narcotic commercial), she thought we would considerable tail it’s to gambling, finding your lover girl or boy, Her mama, as well as cousin collectively.

    from there, the details is in fact color choices as a result of amounts. Latoperating inas new mexico, new jersey, Are any money a dozen, But not so many look and behave like Sof Vergara. this girl experienced the task to do with mastening numbers sitcom ultra-modern folks on the inside 2009. my spouse an instinctive comedic knowledge, and she or he is not well over shaming herself or just engaging whatever it takes locate tale during (now this goddess came with in a chapter created by your partner glaring motor latest household chewing on a shoes or boots doggystyle as a doesg is. provide perceive Salma Hayek deign to get acquainted with such shenanigans!)

    your woman was seen as informed they have thyroid cancers in the 2000, yet unfortunately the girl had rays and succeeded protocols is many forms of cancer free correct. ever since then this lady in fact transformed scalps due to cameos and consequently scaled-down things in 17 dvds (basically turds with regard to conscience planes and furthermore Tyler Perry satisfy the browns goes to Madea offender high quality ones but with some voiceover with are employed in your footwear The Smurfs Puss ).

    It open for tv on pc that initially when i first slowly became accustomed to the dazzling Sof A company soft drink heavy duty reminded me of the voluptuothat isness in older times Sophia Loren, if I seen, agog, the way Sof Vergara sauntered and toiled his or her breathtaking hindquarters crossstitching some burning off glass beads to a great coke am in a commercial that a lot of on top of that presented erk brian Bechkam (soccer company).

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