Law on Online Gambling Should be Revised: Analyst

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Jakarta, (LEI/Antara) – Indonesia’s gambling regulation should be improved, as the crime continues unabated and is becoming the most lucrative underground business in the nation’s history, Dean of the Esa Unggul University’s Faculty of Law Wasis Susetio stated.

“The lawmakers should consider revising the law on gambling, as today’s regulations are flawed,” Susetio stated during a meeting with analysts held in Jakarta, Tuesday, to discuss cyber law.

He pointed out that the existing Gambling Regulation Act No. 7/97 and Article No. 303 of Indonesia’s Criminal Procedure Code appears to carry contradictions and overlaps its purpose to regulate gambling, adding that lawmakers should amend the laws in order to achieve certainty.

“Legal certainty in our Constitution is mandatory, as it will not only affect the suspects but also the law enforcement personnel that are responsible for dropping charges and further determine the court’s ruling,” he reiterated.

Susetio further explained that Gambling Regulation Act No. 7 of 1974 had banned all forms of gambling practices, yet Article No. 303 doesn’t entirely restrict gambling if it is done in a licensed place.

“The public will get confused, and it has led to several people committing online gambling, as the Electronic Information and Transaction Act only banned criminals who had no rights to gamble, a term referred to in Article 303,” he noted.

Cyber Analyst Rama Yurindra revealed that online gambling is viewed as one of the most profitable underground businesses in Indonesia, as it could generate up to Rp 300 thousand billion per month (US $ 22,532).

He also said that according to the country’s Gamers Association, Indonesia’s online gambling market share had reached Rp 1.2 trillion last year.

“online gambling could be disguised as games on certain websites or social media, and the players could perform the transaction by transferring money through state and private banks,” he remarked.

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