My Daily Activities In Germany

Eberswalde, My City and My Campus

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Eberswalde/LEI- Here is my activity while I’m in Germany. I currently live in Beernauer Heerstraße 54, Eberswalde, Germany. My flat is very close to the campus, only 1km away where I have to walk through the forest while enjoying the beauty of the forest.


Eberswalde is the major city and administrative center of Barnim district in the State of Brandenburg in Germany, The city is often called Waldstadt, because of the large forest around it.


In this city there is a campus called HNE Eberswalde (Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development). There are 4 universities in this campus namely the Faculty of Forest and environment, Faculty of landscape management and nature conservation, Faculy of Wood Engineering, and Faculy of sustainable business.

This campus is divided into 2 places City campus and Forest campus. currently I am continuing my master’s study majoring in Forest Information Technology. Due to the Corona virus outbreak, the teaching and learning process is currently with online class.

For those of you who want to continue your college studies on forestry, this is one of the recommendations and here you will also meet friends who come from different backgrounds where it is an opportunity to exchange ideas.



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