Rupiah Menguat Rp 13.534

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Jakarta/Lei -Nilai tukar rupiah yang ditransaksikan antarbank di Jakarta, Kamis pagi, bergerak menguat sebesar 46 poin menjadi Rp13.534 dibandingkan sebelumnya pada posisi Rp13.580 per dolar Amerika Serikat.

“Rupiah menguat seiring sentimen positif dari dalam negeri mengenai peringkat kemudahan berusaha yang membaik,” kata Analis Binaartha Sekuritas Reza Priyambada di Jakarta, Kamis.

Ia mengemukakan bahwa Bank Dunia menyatakan percepatan reformasi Indonesia dalam beberapa tahun terakhir memberikan dampak positif. Kondisi itu membuat Indonesia mencatat peringkat kemudahan berusaha naik menjadi 72 dari posisi 91 dari 190 negara.

Kendati demikian, lanjut dia, apresiasi rupiah nisbi terbatas menyusul adanya persepsi rendahnya inflasi di Indonesia akan membuka ruang bagi Bank Indonesia untuk kembali menurunkan tingkat suku bunga acuannya, yang dapat membuat pergerakan rupiah tertahan.

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) mencatat laju inflasi pada Oktober 2017 sebesar 0,01 persen. Dengan demikian, tingkat inflasi tahun kalender Januari-Oktober 2017 mencapai 2,67 persen dan inflasi tahunan (year on year) sebesar 3,58 persen.

Analis dari PT Platon Niaga Berjangka, Lukman Leong menambahkan bahwa fundamental ekonomi Indonesia yang cukup kondusif menjaga stabilitas rupiah.

“Rupiah stabil di tengah peluang kenaikan suku bunga AS,” ujarnya.

Secara global, lanjut dia, optimisme pertumbuhan ekonomi dunia yang terus membaik juga turut mendorong mata uang selain dolar AS meningkat seperti euro, sehingga menahan apresiasi dolar AS.

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  3.  If readers share sincere sentiments or ask a question I will usually reply, but often I will simply “like” a comment. What is your approach?
    Thanks Kevin! This was helpful for me as a blogger because honestly I hadn’t considered the return value in commenting on other blogs. I’m hoping you would share your thoughts on how important it is to reply to comments on your blog.

  4. Great question. This is a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of thing. If someone takes the time to leave me a good, sincere comment; it definitely warrants a good, sincere response. Sadly, at least lately, I sometimes lack the time to respond to comments the way I should. But,
    Lastly, I’m confused. Is this by you or by someone named Anne? I just searched for your blog on WordPress, and came across this. Or, maybe you’re a unit? (I’m breaking your rule of sharing a link!) [removed link]

  5. Regarding your last comment: Yeah, as Heather Sanders helpfully relayed (hi, Heather!), this article was written by me. Sadly, too many people out there in the interweb have no qualms about stealing the work of others. Shame.
    I definitely recommend doing so. Every time someone leaves you a comment, it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to make a connection. An opportunity to earn a lifelong fan. I definitely recommend you take advantage of it.

  6. Your article provided relatable and logical steps to raise the sails and catch the winds instead of paddling my little heart out heading into them and making little progress.
    Loved this post about blogging. I thought I dove into blogging and social media to market my book, but turns out I barely tiptoed in! It’s not a pond, it’s an ocean ruled by the tides, trends and I need to pay attention, learn to navigate it.

  7. Yes, know matter how much you know or think you know about blogging, most of us are only just scratching the surface. That’s where great sites like Smart Blogger come into play. Read, absorb, and ask questions. Wash, rinse, and repeat.
    I will share this with my author’s group in our next get together, and on social media. Thank you again for the clear skies and direction!

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