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Berlin/LEI- Here if you feel bored live in big cities because the situation was so crowded, I have one solution.

Last week i decided to go Freiberg. Freiberg was a small city in Sachsen, Germany. First i took a IC train from Berlin central station. IC train was one of the fastest train in Germany. The journey took about 3 hours. Then I must transit di Dresden Central station. After that i took regional train to Freiberg.

When i arrived in Freiberg, my first opinion about that city is clean and so many people were discipline. Then i was surprised because in Freiberg there is no one can speak English, so i used google translate to make communication but that’s not good enough.


Then i took German course. In that course i have so many friends. They are from Turkey, Arab, Venezuela, Macedonia, Greece, and Ukraine. That was awesome, because i learn Deutsch with this friend. They are so kind and helpful. During my day in Freiberg i spent a lot my time with them, sometimes we went to supermarket together, drink coffee or strolling around in Freiberg. Right now i can speak Deutsch with confidence. Last my opinion about Freiberg, i think that’s good place to study that city so quite then you can more concentrate.

After German Course was finished, i go back to Berlin and try to speak Deutsch with german people. That’s awesome and that’s one of my story when i am in Germany.

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